City of Baltimore
Board of Ethics
Electronic Filing
Welcome to the Baltimore City Ethics Board’s online Financial Disclosure filing site. If you have not used this site before, please register by clicking the button below. If you have previously filed a Disclosure statement online through this site, please sign in using the e-mail address that you used for the previous filing.
In order to comply with Ethics Code § 7-4 {“Record of inspections”}, individuals wishing to view forms filed online must personally register with the Ethics Board’s staff before they are issued a password allowing them to view these forms. If you would like to register to view forms, please contact the Board’s staff at 410-396-4730 to make arrangements to register as a viewer.
Definitions and filing instructions embedded in this site can answer most questions that may come up when registering or filing the form. If you encounter a problem that cannot be resolved by referencing these aids, please contact your agency Financial Disclosure Coordinator, or, if he or she is not available, the Ethics Board’s staff.
This application works on Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox and Chrome. To download the IE 9 click here